Is Disillusionment necessary on this path of growth, expansion and clarity?

It depends on what you are implying when you use the term disillusionment.
Disillusionment merely means a breaking of the illusion and as such it is definitely an intrinsic part of this process.

Afterall, this IS an illusion, isn’t it ?

When we come into a human incarnation, we have , what is called an egoic consciousness or awareness that propels us and anchors us firmly into this illusion through our egoic desires.
As we go along however , we find that these do not quench that ultimate thirst of knowing/ being/ understanding it all.

That can only come through the shattering of the illusion because IT ( the ultimate knowing/ being) is not a part of this illusion.  IT exists beyond this illusion and nothing here can satisfy it.

I have been equating disillusionment to suffering, whereas now I see that they are two separate things.
The ‘ disillusionment’ is inevitable, but the suffering is not. It is dependent on the amount of attachment to the illusion.
If the attachment is deeper then the suffering is more.
That is why the sages preach loving detachment.

Letting go in faith.


Surrendering in faith, love , joy , hope…..not in fear.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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