Let go of your ideas of yourself.
Empty yourself not of yourself….but of the ideas you have picked up ABOUT yourself, along the way.
You are not all you think you are and yet when you can look beyond the natural limitations of that vision which is merely an illusion , you will be able to finally sense ALL that you truly are.
That is way more helpful to you and those you serve.
Emptying yourself of one way just to fill yourself with what you have understood to be a more desirable version, is not true emptying.
True emptying means the you that you think is you, no longer exists. “

The time leading upto now was to fill ourselves up so we could be grounded in this, find our feet.
Now that that is done, we are being led to emptying ourselves. This is a natural progression.

“Its not about you” …is what Im getting over and over. Not in a mean way. Its with so much love and gentleness.
Its about being empty so that there is a true channeling of the full spectrum of light. Of love.
The 1st phase ….was to bring about self awareness, compassion and love towards self…putting up boundaries for this reason , grounding and making us confident in ourselves.
Now is the next phase.
Of going outwards…full of emptiness…the kind of emptiness that can hold space. No longer about us individually. Its about Alllll of us collectively

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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