What if ….
What if everything I ” know “, is a lie?

What if everything I know, is the opposite if what actually is ?

What if the things that Ive been told, matter….
Matter not so much ?
And the things Ive been told are a waste of my time……are what truly matter?

The only way to tune into the truth is to tune into my own.
Because everyones truth is true …..only for them.
Tune into the knowing, I carry deep inside…..

With an open heart and mind

Prepared to find, that my world is upside down
Prepared to know, that I do not Know anything at all.
Prepared to let go of all the knowing Ive based my life on, so far.

What if I realised, that accepting what IS, was way better than lofty ideals ?

What if what I thought was ‘wrong’ was ‘right’, and the ‘right’ I fought for, with so much righteousness, was ‘wrong’?

What if maybe , there wasn’t even a right or a wrong ?

What if ……..there was no heaven or hell ? What if, it was right here , created by me , in every moment, based on what I chose?

What if ‘being alive’ was only a dream and death was the door to finally awaken from it ?

What if the people I viewed as my foes were actually the ones who were my biggest teachers?
What if they actually loved me the most ?
Loved me enough, to push me into learning lessons, I would not learn otherwise….lessons that my soul wanted to learn.

What if dreams were real and the beings I met in them, too ?

What if preparing for tomorrow was not as important as living in the moment today?

What if a prestigious degree meant nothing and a simple job that gave me joy, meant everything ?

What if, the fearful thoughts my mind generated, were nothing but a bunch of vicious lies ? What if what my heart said to me in gentle whispers, was the only truth?

What if ?

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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