Spiritual Process

Another understanding that settled in …monks in seclusion for years , people in spiritual retreats where there is no spoken communication for days or months , sadhus going to meditate by themselves in the mountains……all of these have some reasons, goals and benefits in common.

  1. The focus turns inwards, where the answers are truly found. Lack of others to communicate with, forces one into communication within and eventually leads to the deeper knowing. This kind of knowing is precious and way more effective than the knowledge that comes from someone else’s experience and perspective.

2) The consistency of spiritual practice.
When one focusses on being in alignment with the highest ways of being consistently.
Purity in thoughts with no external contamination…..and the seclusion forces you into confronting your own inner thoughts which are not pure (as there is no putting that off). This process leads to a refining and purification of your thought process out of necessity. If one does not purify and change the thoughts to a higher vibration, then I imagine it must be extremely unpleasant to experience them alone , knowing that these thoughts and the energy they bring cannot be shoved aside or blamed on anyone else.
They have to be dealt with …and when they are dealt with the consistency of applying spiritual guidelines to them then the process is easier and liberating in its attainment.

3) The illusion falls away faster so the suffering is overcome by understanding.

4) The consistency fortifies the soul strength. Fills it up. The way of being in alignment, then becomes the new way of being. Any other way becomes unnatural and therefore uncomfortable.

When one again re establishes contact with the world or comes back into the same human illusion , one can then operate from a different level of alignment which is less likely to shake. Less likely to go back to the illusion. The stronger the alignment the less likely it is to go back to the old unhealthy thoughts. The more the consistency of practice, the stronger the alignment.
We can also achieve this without needing to go into caves or mountaintops.
The consistency of practise …the focus …the shutting out of the outside noise consistently are what we can all achieve anywhere.
And not treating it as two separate things
The quiet times in meditation or contemplation are the preparation for exams.
The time spent with others is not only the practicals but eventually the tests.

Knowing and being (application) are both important.
Contemplation is important .

Contemplation of spiritual truths or principles.

Contemplation of people and their motives or trying to figure them out is a rabbit hole to nowhere.
The energy if one considers the two options above, itself FEELS different.

A contemplation of spiritual principles / concepts/ truths with a view to understanding them, comes from humility , of not knowing and leads to satisfaction and a feeling of upliftment.

In contemplation of people on the other hand, judgement can sneak in. And that lowers the energetic vibration instantly and considerably.

This leads to the tricky energetic quicksand of gossip and speculation which feels different in your body. Draining of ones energy.

On asking for and giving direction ….if one stays in the safer , cleaner , higher vibrational area of spiritual truths, there is more of a likelihood of satisfaction and mutual upliftment.

If however, either goes into the murkiness of individual contemplation of peoples issues…there is never any real solution and there is also a mutual lowering of energy. This makes this very undesirable to one that has become sensitive to ones own energy.

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