It always starts with me.

I create my own reality, my own experiences, because it always starts with me. I send out the Boomerangs and Boomerangs …..well they come back.

I send out the ‘good’ ones -boomerangs of love, joy , acceptance, faith, hope, enthusiasm, upliftment etc AND I send out the ‘bad’ ones (pettiness, anger, criticism, worry, sadness etc)

The good ones are good because they align to the highest consciousness within me…the very best of me. The bad ones are bad because they do not align…as simple as that.


Im either showered with good ones or whacked on my head with the bad ones.

Here is the trap –

I take ownership for the good ones and I disown the bad. I look outside of me and yell, ” Who threw that Boomerang at me?” I go blue in the face blaming and critisizing and then feeling so sorry for myself, forgetting that it always starts with me.

Now here is the understanding that shifts me out of this trap. A trap I set for myself.

1) Acceptance- it is what it is.
2) Empowerment – My response is in my control
3) Understanding – my predominant thoughts based on my conditioning and beliefs creates my experience.
4) Knowing – It ALWAYS starts with me. I SEND OUT what eventually finds its way back to me ( the Law of Karma )
5) Equanimity….my focus firmly remains on my alignment with my divine self ( the highest consciousness within me), no matter what comes my way. I calmly accept it all and follow through with the same steps listed above.
I do not let praise raise me up…. nor allow blame to permeate my sense of alignment. With consistent practise and focus, joy and sorrow are eventually both treated the same by me.

It is THIS clarity that finally takes away my suffering.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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