The Wisdom Of Letting Go

Being able to let go, is a leap of faith.
Faith in the deep eternal wisdom of the universe.
That no matter how it looks, you will be held.
You will be fine.
Whether its people you are letting go off, or hurtful feelings , knowing that it all happens perfectly, in perfect timing, in perfect sequence and for perfect reasons.
All of us indeed are gently led by love to let go.
Like a mother letting her child walk by himself for the first time, hands hovering …not to catch him if he falls because she knows he is safe, but to soothe his hurt if he falls and frightens himself.
We all fall and hurt ourselves until we do not fear falling and are able to navigate our way with confidence, slowly recognising that we are always held, always soothed.
All of us face this fear of letting go at different times and in different ways, but we all face the ultimate letting go before we can finally understand it all……the ultimate leap of faith. All this is beautifully planned….we go at our own unique paces and carve our own unique paths. Never pulled or pushed beyond what we are ready for. We choose whether it shall be easy or tough. The resistance we put up because we don’t understand yet. And as the understanding grows, so does our faith. And then we come to it.

The surrendering.

In surrendering, we are lifted up in love.

We are lifted up with love.

In surrendering, we finally become what we always were.


Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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