When we are asked a question, the part of us which is the ego mind usually jumps in trying to quickly answer.
Why ?
Because it wants to appear knowledgeable (its sense of worth is connected to how much it knows and how you are perceived by others) or because it does not want to appear ignorant (fear).

The problem with this approach, is that the ” answers ” are coming from your subconscious bank.. They do not necessarily work all the time and feel mechanical. They do not touch you or another with as much impact. They are not coming from your ” heart space.”
Your subconscious bank is built up by a lot of your own conditioning and belief systems developed over years and years.

However vast it may be, it is still limited information.

Whereas you can have access to unlimited information, if you hit the pause button and then channel the answer instead.

Have you noticed that the only way we can channel correct , profound and dynamic information, is by going into silence. The going into silence is us hitting that pause button, accepting that we do not know it all from our limited subconscious and conscious state and asking and allowing thereafter.

When we pause and accept that we know nothing…we have an “empty” space, that then allows for the ” knowing ” to come in. This is far more profound, simple and therefore more effective in hitting home.

Another reason we should hit the pause button often and go within before we jump in to talk.

In addition to this , there is a welcome relief from the pressure the egoic mind has on us, the pressure of ‘knowing it all’.

Its such a relief, to feel within your body, that you know nothing.

When you come from a place of knowing nothing , you allow the one that really knows it all, to step in.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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