Treat Praise and Blame exactly the same.
Have nothing to do with either.
Coming from a place of quiet,  within, there is no acceptance nor rejection.
Just an awareness which is focussed within.
The egoic mind will pull you fiercely this way and that , trying to hook you up into the outer world by trying to make you buy into praise, shame, blame, fame etc.
But if you remain politely uninterested in either, you will reclaim your true joy.
Its tricky.
Your mind will tell you , its ok to reject the blame but be happy when you get praised. Thats the trickiest part.
The moment you buy into that, its a slippery road.
If you allow yourself to be uplifted by something that is outside of you,(someone elses perspective) then you give them the power to throw you down as well (afterall in this ever changing world, praise can become blame very quickly)

Learn to practise disengaging yourself gently and with compassion from other peoples opinions. They do not mean to hurt you. They are learning, as are you.
However if you do disengage, you find independence and clarity and a joy that is not tied up to other peoples opinions, beliefs, moods, life situations, conditioning etc etc etc!

Therefore you find you remain sunny and pleasant, no matter what storms rage around you.

They cannot penetrate the joy that you become.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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