“Only Love is real.
Everything that is not love therefore…….is not really real.
So Be IN love. “

If only Love is real why do I feel hurt and why do I suffer?

“Because only love is real and when you are not IN Love……..
it is the separation from Love that hurts.”

What do you mean ? Not IN love?

” When you are unhappy you are not in love
When you feel sorry for yourself, you are not in love
When you feel the need to judge , you are not in love
When you get angry or sad you are not in Love.
You see there can be many instances when you are not in Love and therefore feel separated from it and THAT is what really hurts. “

So how can I be in Love ALL the time ? Is that even possible ?

“What do you think this journey is all about ultimately if not that ?
It is not only possible.
It is the only thing that is POSSIBLE.
You are exploring the illusion of separation just to really experience this truth of who you are firsthand. “

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward ! This blog is a result of my random writings , poems , paintings over the last two years and a desire to put them in one place.

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