“Let your heart lead the way. ”

Why was everything presented in riddles/ parables by the teachers ? Not presented in a straightforward way ?

“At that time , too many religious practices had murkied the still and clear waters of the human mind. The heart was no longer in control… if things were presented as they were, they would be immediately rejected , and they WERE rejected by many as many teachers, older souls tried also to present things as they were.
The mind likes complications and the heart simplicity. This path can only be walked with the heart in charge as that alone knows faith . The heart alone recognises the truth of Love in all its simplicity.
Use your heart and you will understand the ‘ riddles ‘ / parables / stories. Using your mind , you will scrape the surface.
If you recall, the few that walked this path always had some ” disciples” who understood and accepted the simple truth that was being explained. They would have no need for parables / stories.
The parables / stories served to placate the minds of those that did not yet understand the simplicity of the message. Those in whom the mind with all of its fearful thinking, was in charge…it felt important and soothed at the same time. The stories taught everyone different things….because different ones were at different levels of understanding , want, and faith. This is how the truth has survived through the ages and still reaches many.
Those that choose to distort the very very simple truths in those stories and also those that are ready.
If the truths were told the way they were, those that did not understand them and were in the throes of fear, would reject them. Not only reject them but also declare them as going against the very One whose truth was being expressed.
A good teacher teaches lessons in such a way that all the students benefit in some way or another. The teacher does not teach only the ones who are closer to understanding. He touches their hearts and in that way causes them to remember. He reminds them, through the stories / parables that touch the heart, that the heart will lead them correctly.
The heart alone will show them how to remember all that their mind made them bury.”

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