1) When we are ‘ IN’ our human experience, there is duality (yin and yang), ( good & bad) , ( gain & loss), (joy & suffering) …you get the idea.

2) When in this experience of duality, we experience something good , we become estatic, euphoric and we forget that if we can experience the highs…..the lows are also inevitable.

ACCEPTING that both are possible in this human experience, is the first step towards liberation from suffering and therefore lead to Equanimity. The ability to stay balanced , even whilst a storm rages around you, knowing that it is all merely an experience aimed at your growth.

3) Rememberance is the key.
Rememberance that you are at the same time, both present in the human experience and in higher spiritual realms. So all you need to do, is constantly and consistently practise shifting your consciousness to a spiritual level. What does that mean?

I often give the example of a maze. You exist at a human level inside the maze, but at the same time, your spiritual consciousness also simultaneously exists above, below and around the maze. So when you are IN that maze…you have a choice. You can choose to walk around, trying this or that, bumping into obstacles, suffering, OR at ANY TIME, you can choose to RISE above the human consciousness and into your spiritual awareness.
How do you do that ?
You remember to practise stepping into alignment with your highest, best self DAILY, consistently.
What is your highest, best self?
It is the most expansive , unconditional, loving, giving, accepting , forgiving, patient, understanding, generous, compassionate , empathetic, kindest part of you !

It helps to remember that the Divine Source of everything or God exists in everyone you meet. I like to pretend it is God in different disguises.

Especially use this when you are judging someone or disliking someone, you will notice how dramatically you shift in your attitude towards them.

4) Once you practise rememberance and practise shifting into a higher, more expansive awareness at all times, then you will see the same thing from a much larger perspective and very often , immediately the suffering will drop and you will be able to look at the situation or person who is causing you angst in the human experience , with a very neutral and lovingly detached outlook. At that time, instead of having a ” this is so horrible ” ” oh no what am I going to do ” etc, you are then able to look at the same situation / person and say ,” Hmm how interesting ! “
At this moment ask yourself the question, what would LOVE do ? Because that is what Divine source is…and essentially that is then what YOU are too !

5) THEN , when you are ready to go back into the human experience, you can deal with it completely differently , whilst remaining in alignment with your highest best self.

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