You do you !

It is when we realise that expectations set us up for disappointment that we learn to let them go.
” You do you and just be you, I will still accept you.”
Now thats the true meaning of Love.
The highest, best, most liberating form of Love.
Accepting one another as we are.
Easier said than done, we say.
No, not really.
When we accept ourselves with all of our own quirks, perceived flaws etc, we are then ready to accept another, in the same way.
Self acceptance leads to love in our hearts for all …and it starts with us accepting ourselves in a deep way.
Expectations come from a notion we have, of how things and people ” ought to be.”

Ought to be , according to who?

Each one of us is SUCH a bundle of uniqueness…….even if we tried, which bundle of uniqueness would we all agree to conform with ?

Would not the charm of relationships just fade away if we were all exact clones of eachother…wanting the same things…being the same … the same way. Where is the joy in that ? Where is the growth in that ?
So you do you ! Be you ! I will accept you as you are.
Because I accept me ……as I am❤

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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