” When you start to break the shackles of your earthly limitations and operate from outside the matrix , those that are still bound , sense it with their energy which is connected to yours. It can feel threatening to them because they sense they are not yet ready to let go themselves.

They feel fearful of what is ,as yet , unknown to them.

This may be because they still need to work through and overcome the effects of the choices made by them in fear. It is like veils upon their sight not allowing them to see clearly who they truly are.

These veils keep them in darkness.

Your light unnerves them.

In this case, they try with all the means available to them to hold you within the same self imposed limitations that you initially operated from. They try their best to frighten you back into submission to the ego’s guidelines through various means and designs.

To give them credit for intentionality, most times if they care about you, they may be frightened FOR you as they do not yet understand this freedom from fear because they still operate from it.
Look upon these fellow travellers not with irritation and resentment or even mild impatience, because that is merely your own ego mind trying its best to also align you to what it knows best.

Look upon them instead, with compassion and pure presence.

When their energy senses the absence of fear and instead the pure presence of Love and faith, they have no choice left, but to either follow their souls instinct to join you in your liberation or choose to remain in the shadow and control of fear in all of its disguises.

In either case, there is perfection simply because fear cannot ever outlive Love. “

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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