Conversations on the inside

” I am whatever you choose to be, what you have chosen to be and whatever you can choose to be……so how can I ever judge you, or feel inferior/ superior to you?

How can I ever feel ‘ hurt ‘ by something YOU do?
How can I do anything other than simply Love you ?

I am EVERYTHING you are, (and are not) because YOU ARE ME and I AM YOU. “


“When your heart starts to pulsate with love and it grows to fill up your body and you are a walking talking embodiment of love…..thats when you are “enlightened “

Me –
” But there are some ‘ enlightened masters ‘ who have been angry at times, or been short with those that are not coming from a place of love lets say. How does that work? Are they Love at that time “


“Well think of it like this, Love takes many different forms. When a parent lets a child make a mistake so that the child can learn…that is Love. When the parent protects the child by giving guidance from experience…that too is Love. Love can be firm if that is what it takes sometimes to uplift someone. “

Me- So what is the best way to be love?

I was shown a being standing with a mirror in front of different people.
A child, an old person, a cripple, a sick person….but the mirror only shows them as the being thats holding it.
Then the mirror went away and I realised it was the heart that filled up the being that was the true mirror. The embodiment of Love …reflecting the highest form of anyone and only seeing the highest form of anyone…therefore inspiring those, that are ready to look at themselves to know that they are that which they see reflected in Love. Once they see themselves as that, they remember “

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