Acceptance of the Ego

There is a tendency to look down upon the ego mind when we become ” spiritual”
What does Spirituality truly mean ?
It means simply that there is a recognition of oneness. That EVERYTHING is connected…….is ONE.
So in my understanding so far, the ego mind is very much a part of the ONE as well.
It is, in fact, in our judgement and condemnation or disapproval of it that we see separation all over again.
So what is true spirituality ? The ability to love ourselves and others with no judgement, and complete acceptance and compassion. To be in a human experience IS to have an ego mind. However to transcend the ego mind does not mean to condemn it or look down upon it. It means to love oneself and others INSPITE of it.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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