The Bigger picture

Every once in a while , I seem to ‘zone out ‘ of this matrix , and see it all from the outside.
Every time that happens, I’m filled with exquisite wonder and awe at it all.
When I step back in, almost against my will, I still carry the wonder and immense gladness to be here…exactly where I am……awashed with Love and bursting with compassion.

It is only when I stick around long enough inside…….that I start to forget…….that I start to feel heavy and burdened, with the pain that I see, through these eyes.

I need to remind myself that what I see, is not all there is….remind myself of the unending joy and love that I seem to touch fleetingly from time to time.

The magic of which, I bring back with me.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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