I just want to put out there for you to think about this.

  1. Does your work define you ?
  2. Does your role as a husband/wife/ son/daughter/mother/father/ friend etc define you ?

You are playing a lot of roles in this and every incarnation….but these roles cannot even come close to defining the totality of who you are.
We end up striving for perfection in the various roles we play and still feel inadequate in some way or the other.
These roles are tiny expressions of who we are. When we let go of the illusion of control over how we think we ought to show up in our various roles and instead just ” feel ” our way through life, we instinctively open up and allow life to live through us. We can then tune into what we truly are and that feeling of clarity brings with it a huge relief from the ” struggle ” and an overwhelming sense of love and compassion and FULLNESS in ourselves. We finally see the futility of trying to see ourselves as merely these roles. We see that we are expressions of Source and therefore this is merely a fun adventure. There is no great ambition or direction. We already are whatever we are looking for. So what is left ?
Just to settle into enjoying this experience

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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