A moment at a time

“There is no purpose and yet all is full of purpose. “

We look for purpose in only certain goals, activities, things, experiences etc and therefore deem only those as being important.
Looking deeper, we realise every thing has purpose, especially the things we label as being ” little things”.
We lose our balance when we lose this perspective, this understanding, that there are no “big” things or “little” things.
It is our level of awareness that determines what we see as big and important and what we see as tiny and insignificant.

Zen masters make it a point to be so mindful of each step they take, each cup of tea they drink., each moment of their breath.
They have understood its importance and its potential.
They have understood that in order to maximise the experience that life offers, they must slow down and really experience it all….moment by moment, not taking ANYTHING for granted, being completely aware of it all, revelling in it all, no matter what shows up. We have been conditioned to find purpose in our work. Now noticing purpose in our play brings us back into a state of balance.

Meeting each moment fully…moment by moment

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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