Our True Nature

We are ever evolving beings.
Just like the entire universe. Nothing in the universe is stagnant or stuck in one way of being.
We need to step out of the way to allow this evolving to happen.

When we fuss, worry, incessantly create unproductive thoughts that separate us from our inner state of tranquility and joy, we create big resistant blocks to the natural process of evolving/ change.

Our energy was never meant to be stagnant or still, even though, at times, we find certain stages pleasurable or comfortable, certain experiences pleasurable or comfortable, certain relationships comfortable or pleasurable in the ways they were, including ourselves in certain stages of our growth, comfortable or pleasurable.
The mere experience of our physical body evolving, changing and growing is the most obvious manifestation of this ever evolving state. We change from being babies to being children to teenagers and then adults and then through the different stages of adulthood.
This physical experience is characterised blatantly by change and continuous unstoppable evolution and transformation.
Even though the physical evolution is the most obvious one- the emotional and mental state also undergoes the same transformation and evolution.
In fact there is nothing that is not touched beautifully by the hand of evolution and transformation.
Seeds turn to buds and flowers or into mighty trees. Caterpillars to butterflies, clouds to rain etc. Nothing in nature resists this flow of change, this evolving.
When we are not in a state of allowing (like nature always is), we create resistance.
It is not the changing nature or ourselves or the world around us that causes us distress and suffering. It is our ideas/ perceptions or beliefs around this that cause us to create resistance to change. Therefore, it is our resistance to change that causes us pain and suffering.
When we like the way we felt in our bodies, we want to hold on to that feeling forever. When we liked certain aspects of our world, our relationships with our loved ones, we want these aspects to remain unchanging. We are pulled towards and motivated by the feelings of joy, expansiveness, contentment and love.

Therefore, sometimes we feel that these precious ‘feel good’ feelings are to be found in the external experience (in the way our bodies look and feel or in the way our relationships are or in our social, financial status or in the way we or our ” work” are liked, loved or admired by others or in the things we create in our physical world).
Inadvertently and sometimes very unconsciously, we then want to have time and situations stay just the way they are, in certain aspects and conveniently change in certain others (those where we are obviously uncomfortable).
If we take a moment to step out of our minds that are focussed on this external gratification and instead dwell in the bigger picture that is our true nature, then we realise that it is not the changing that causes us distress. It is our resistance to it.
It is in thinking that our joy lies outside of us, in these external things. Our joy was never meant to be tied up to these external things/ relationships which were ALWAYS meant to be transient. Our joy, peace and contentment are always with us, inside of us, deep in our consciousness, in our levels of awareness.
We carry them with us but we forget in our minds instinctive unconscious attachment to the external.
If instead, we accept, allow and surrender to this change that is gently incessant and inevitable, then we tune into the kind of joy that is a never ending stream of equanimity, not affected by the changing nature of our relationship to ourselves or the world. We can still tune into and feel the energies of these changes but they need no longer throw us off balance.

What liberation ! What joy !

” Detachment does not mean not caring. Detachment means caring enough to maintain your own state of equanimity and balance. This equanimity and balance is what is far more useful to yourself and others then losing your balance and becoming a part of the problem.”

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A soul on a journey inward !

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