Be Kind

• Keep it simple. Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Be kind.

• Your energy speaks louder than words. Be kind.

• Your intentionality is all important. Be kind.

• When people are determined to misunderstand your words and your intentionality, you can be sure that their ego is hurt or involved in some way. The same goes for you. Be kind.

• Most times, they are playing out past programmes that have nothing to do with you. Do not take it personally. Be kind.

• The only way out is in. When you feel stuck, it is only because you have lost your connection to yourself …not because of any other reason. So go quiet and go within. Immediately there is relief. Be Kind.

• Allow others and allow yourself grace. Nobody gets it right all of the time. We are all learning to the best of our unique abilities. Be Kind.

• Do not assume to know anything about anyone. Even when you feel pretty sure you do. You could be wrong. Be Kind.

• Empathy is understanding that all of us can have different points of view about the same things. Be kind.

• Compassion comes when you understand that not all realise the above point….yet. It is not because they don’t want to or are stupid. It is because we all learn different things at different stages of our lives on our own paths. No path is better / advanced / truer / higher etc. All paths are unique. They all start and end the same. That is truly what matters. Remind yourself that there is still so much that you do not yet understand and that there are others who show you grace and kindness. So….yes….Be kind.

• Be kind. But start with being kind to yourself. True kindness and compassion does not exclude you. Your emotions and your feelings are important. Consider them, sit with them , nurture them and honour them. Learn the lessons they lead you to. Then allow them to move through you. There is no need to explain them, expect others to honour them or even understand them. They may not. And that is ok .

• Love and respect yourself enough to have proper boundaries. Compassion, empathy and understanding do not equate to tolerating behaviour which does not feel good in your gut. There is a reason it does not feel good.

• Drawing boundaries does not need you to be unkind or less compassionate. It just needs loving detachment and a determination to honour your path.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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