I sat in meditation this morning and this is the message I got from my guides.
” We see ourselves as the ‘ ugly duckling’ when we look at ourselves in the mirror of our conditioning and our expectations based on this conditioning.
The ugly duckling was never ugly, because the ugly duckling was NEVER EVEN A DUCK – She was a SWAN. She just did not know it.
She was deemed unacceptable because she did not conform, did not fit in, was not ‘like’ the others. She did not look like them, did not have the same talents they had, she stood out because she was DIFFERENT. So they called her ugly and she believed it. She believed it until someone finally saw her for who she TRULY was and made her aware of it.
There is a false mirror and a true mirror. The false mirror only starts to form when you buy into external conditioning and perceptions. The reason it is false is because it has its foundation in perceptions and conditioning and not reality.

(Reality = it is what it is )

So this mirror will present you with a false sense of self (whether you see yourself as being beautiful or ugly based on perceptions / conditioning and standards that you have bought into.)

This sense of either being beautiful or not being beautiful are both false.
The only way to see the True mirror that lies behind the false one is to look deeply into your eyes – your eyes that are a window to your soul. As you come to ‘see’ your soul consistently and daily…as you make it a point to come meet your true self consistently and daily, the false mirror starts to fade away, as it was never real.

As it fades away, you are more and more, your true self, uninhibited by the false perceptions and conditionings…yours and everyone elses.

We go through many stages of life where we feel like “the ugly duckling”.

At each stage, all we need to do, is to remind ourselves that we are growing and changing, therefore no longer fitting in where we used to fit before.

We must also remind ourselves to look at the true mirror…meet our own true selves daily. When we do this, all that is unimportant and false, falls away giving us room to grow.

When we do this, we remember that we were never ugly…that we were never even ducks…we were always swans

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A soul on a journey inward !

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