Keep that Palm open

“Love is meant to feel openhanded…not close fisted”.
I heard a beautiful talk once by a lady who rescued a bird. She was feeding her sugar water in her palm. Her hand was open and the bird rested there beautifully, drinking her sugar water.

Then this lady tried to close her palm so she could put this bird in a little cage ( her intention was to keep the bird so she could protect it and feed it), but each time she tried to close her palm, the bird flew away. When she opened it, the bird came and sat on her hand again.
This is a beautiful analogy of how relationships should feel.
Not close fisted but open handed.

We are not meant to smother or cage anyone or have them adhere to our perspectives or understanding of life. Or have them do what we think they should or should not do. This includes all of our relationships.
The best relationships are those that are ” openhanded” and those that allow the freedom to just be.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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