At different levels of consciousness, people seek to understand themselves, their world and their experiences and put it all under labels.

They seek to explain behaviours as well and put those under labels like introverts, extroverts, empaths, narcissists, optimists, pessimists etc.
This system helps many to get through phases and experiences in their lives, making them feel somewhat appeased and validated that others have experienced what they have and that their angst is understood.

That based on these experiences ,systems have been put in place to explain how to deal with toxic relationships.
What troubles me about this system is that it still seeks to explain the unexplainable and limit the limitless nature of who we ALL truly are.
The way it appears to me right now in my understanding is that, these labels add to the divide. They further add to the ” them” and “us”.
What if these are merely different levels of consciousness manifesting in certain ways of being? Would it not be so much easier to look at behaviour as being unconscious so that we can still feel compassion for each other ? Knowing that at some stage, all of us have been unconscious.
Im not saying that the trauma experienced at the hands of people we label as narcissists or the extreme sensitivity we experience as empaths be negated. Not at all. These experiences feel very real. The pain feels very real.

However the moment we put these labels, we once again see the world as black and white and people as victims and perpetrators. That itself can keep us stuck in old patterns which take us nowhere new.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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