” From Alsa with Love “

Lets feel ALL of our feelings and let them find expression.

Pain has its own unique beauty as does joy.

In allowing ourselves to feel into both pain and joy, not denying either, we are alive.

Truly alive.

Suffering arises when we resist what is naturally coming up.

If pain comes, let it wash over you, washing you clean, taking away the debris that was hidden in dark corners. The rubbish that snuck in and stayed hidden. That accumulated.

And when joy peeks in , like sunlight from behind a curtain, throw open that curtain and that window and let it warm your heart, melting away all the guards around it, seeping into all the crevices and lighting you up from the inside so you glow….glow like a firefly.


Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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