Messages from within

A few things ……

  1. Only you can love yourself in the way you want to truly be loved. 💜
  2. You are NOT alone and never were. Source / your guardian angel and your spirit guides have always been with you and are indeed a part of you.
    In opening up your senses to the non physical mighty aspect of yourself, you will never feel alone on this journey.
  3. You have CHOSEN to come here…it is a wonderful opportunity. Seek but also stay grounded in the experience because it is the experience you came here for.
    Going back to source in a complete way is INEVITABLE.
    Finding what you are seeking is INEVITABLE.
    The destination is GUARANTEED.
    So why not enjoy the ride ?
  4. As you reach a clearer vibrational frequency you will also attract your NEW tribe to you.
    Those that will be on this new frequency. And you will never stay stagnant in only this frequency.
    Everytime you shift, there will be a phase where you might find yourself faltering, doubting, feeling alone, suddenly finding yourself having to face yourself in uncomfortable ways all over again just when you were getting comfortable.
    This phase is a natural progression so do not panic.
    Stay in alignment or keep stepping back into alignment to your new normal.
    Then either your old tribe will step their game up to be with you …or a new tribe will find you.
    You just focus on remaining in the flow.
  5. If you keep your loving steadfast focus on Source, you will always be held and you will always KNOW you are held.

We came here, as individuated expressions of source and the deep longing we feel inside is the longing to be back to feeling connected as we were….as we feel the illusion of separation.

This then translates into a longing for others because we are unconscious to the real longing within.
That to be united with source.

Not with our partners, lovers ,children, parents ,family and friends.
They are all a reflection of Source…indeed they are source in all different forms and therefore they are you in different forms.

The separation is only an is not real. So the suffering need not be…….remind yourself again and again of this one truth and you will remain calm and in bliss.
In Love.
In Joy..

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A soul on a journey inward !

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