“Masters” then and now

Earlier the difference was that so many masters were way ahead of mostly a collective that was still in its infancy.

So the way was, to lead dramatically….even though this perhaps was not a thought out intention.

The masters were merely living THEIR truth.

The masses however would only follow them to the limits that their fear allowed them to.

There was so much disparity between what they witnessed and what they understood that this disparity caused them to attempt to elevate the masters and put them on a pedestal.

By doing so they felt placated as they created enough distance between the masters truth and their own, that they did not need to step out of their comfort zones and do the uncomfortable work of digging within.

Indeed they cannot be blamed because as young souls, fear dominated and won. 

After all, its so much easier to be a follower than to step out of conformity and become responsible for ones own reality.

The reason things are vastly different now, is because, as a collective, souls are no longer AS held by fear, having recycled through various lifetimes ( even if they are completely unaware of this concept)

Now those that are awake and are what we consider masters , are also those that are promoting a deeper awareness by not giving up on being human. They live seemingly  ordinary lives and embody their divinity into their humanity so completely that it seems seamless.

They embody qualities of love , compassion , empathy , understanding, and are diligent in their spiritual work. They show through their beautiful flaws, how wonderfully easy it is to embody both our divinity  and our humanity.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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