The Spiritual Closet

What will people say ?

What will people think ?

If I express my truth…….If I feel differently from others….will they shun me ….not validate me…..not accept me ?
Will I be rejected, made fun of, or isolated ?

Actually to start with, am I even supposed to have my own truth that is so different from everyone else’s ?

If I state I believe in magic, in miracles, in love, in children, in hope, in joy, in happy endings, in fairies, in angels and oh my goodness in God, in a very real way that others do not …..what then ?
Is it politically correct to say out loud that I believe that I have God inside of me and that everyone I meet is an aspect of the same God ?

When I know that so many feel safer when they can confine the concept of God to a statue, a building , a holy place or a shrine.
That the idea of God being real……being in our lives actively as everyone and everything we meet is shockingly bold and ” irreverent” and ” nonsensical”
That most are willing to lay prostrate in front of statues made by men or follow Gurus dilligently, refusing to establish a direct relationship with their own divinity.

Fear of it all, keeps us hidden in closets of our own making.
Where we dare not express what truly feels right to express, in our hearts.

Where we let our heads rule and hearts suffer in silence.

Where what people say control what we do or don’t do.

In the spiritual closet…….there is an unspoken agreement to talk about everything that is “safe” …that will elicit an equally ” safe ” response.

This dichotomy puzzles me and frustrates me, until I realise that I was in the same closet up until just a little while ago.

Where I was trying so hard to contain myself in there…trying to fit in places I was never meant to fit in.

The freedom of allowing myself to grow out of that closet….the freedom of not caring about the thought processes of those that are still stuck inside, instead feeling love and compassion for them.

That frees me from the frustration and the judgement.

That allows me to be me and allows them to be who they allow themselves to be.

To know that even the closet is only a perception and a figment of the imagination.

That the only thing that is “real”is inconfinable.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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