Each day has a different rhythm to it. A different energy that it brings forth. Respond to that rhythm.

Do not try and control it……or shift it or make it bend to you. That will tire you.
Instead flow with it. Play with what you are given.

Hold it lightly and breathe with it.

Breathing with it, tune into it.

Tuning into it, dance with it.

Leave yesterday behind.

Do not bring it forward into this day.

Yes, yesterday may have be mighty fine…..but today is a new rhythm that needs a new dance.

Dancing today like you did yesterday, might not match the song that is being played today.

Yes you can force the day to change its rhythm…yes you can impose your free will definitely, but then it is no longer subtle and beautiful…….this dance between you……it is no longer magic.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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