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My channeling today

I was curious and asked if we only astral project in the night ?

The answer that came was that we can astral project at will.

Day or night. It needs training of the intellect but we involuntarily do so sometimes during meditation or deep sessions of Reiki.

Question… So if there are people who function best and sort of come ” alive ” more at night and are slower to function in the morning , then are they losing out on communication with their guides and higher self and integrating their day and learnings and getting access to source energy ?

Answer- you yourself know that a lot of your interactions with source energy and all its various forms ( spirit guides etc ) have happened during the day and have made more sense to you as you have been in the optimum state between wakefullness and sleep to receive this information.
What makes you feel that communication and integration only happens at night when there is no separation at all …ever?

You are always in communication with the spiritual realm…always.
People who were greatly aware of the spiritual resources available to them have deliberately meditated or gone into deep breathing (an acute state of presence and awareness) or self hypnosis and in some cases even deliberately taken naps to access these resources which seem unavailable to them in the awake state ( ego mind projections and conditioning )

Ques – so is it really so bad if a person cannot sleep well at night and struggles to conform to normal rhythms ? Why was it designed like this …day and night ?

Response – it depends on each ones beliefs around this. If they believe that a bad nights sleep disrupts their productivity and functionality then it is true for them. There are those who believe they only need a few hours of sleep in a day to restore their energy. So that is true of them.
Like you say ” each one to his own” …it is truly your beliefs/ thoughts around anything that creates your unique reality.

Q – So as practioners is it wrong for us to stress on the importance of the nights sleep ?

Response- the only question is are you instilling fear if they break away from the “norm” of sleeping a certain number of hours at certain accepted timings ? If so then how does fear feel ? As someone who is able to influence or guide with your words…it is preferable to not project fear into any message you feel inspired to give. As ” healers ” you are meant to bring light and Love to any situation thus resolving the fear in it. That is your ONLY job if you must think of it like that. So adding fear in the implication of what you say takes away the healing power.
The only healing that truly happens is within the person through his or her own will. The absence of fear is crucial to coming into balance. So as someone who is holding space, ask yourself which is the best way you can bring love and light into any situation.

Q – so why were day and night created and why is it that there are different timezones? Why is not everyone in the same time zone and infact in one big country ?

A- you are like a dog with a bone ! Why is it that any of this was created ? Ask yourself that. Yes human body’s were created to function optimally under certain circumsances etc but you will know “humans” who have defied any of the ” rules” that have been generally applied to all and done things that you did not believe were humanly possible. That is when you say ,” The human ‘ spirit ‘ is so strong etc etc”. There is a recognition that there is truly no limit to what you are capable of achieving once you yourself overcome the barriers and limitations in your own mind and heart.
As to why there are different time zones and different anything…..imagine a school with students of all ages and experience all together in one class. What would be achieved ? How would you begin to learn or grow ? In essence each family, society, religion , culture, city ,culture….any unit of humanity is like a mini school with a mix like this thrown in. With limited understanding and consciousness, these are gentler ways of growing.
Which is why you will observe that those souls that are older souls no longer are able to feel as if they belong to these smaller perceived units…as their awareness grows, there understanding and expansiveness also grows till they truly only think of humanity as a collective consciousness. The younger the soul, the more barriers to work through. A baby is safer in a cot and as it grows a bed is fine …then even under the stars with no bed is fine.
Your energy rejects some ” spiritual teachers” teachings on how to make sure clients come back to you….because your energy recognises the hint of manipulating through fear and conditionality.
Even if you are a great teacher, as a soul who understands expansiveness and true healing, you will encourage people to find their own feet because you know they can.
They do not need you to be their teacher / guide / healer. The best teachers sow seeds , light the way and continue this work with others…not seek to hold hands and lead others the whole way increasing dependency.

End of message

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