Where do you dwell ?

We must have the courage to go looking for what I refer to the Horcruxes of our lives ( Harry Potter reference….horcruxes here standing for the memories of our suffering in the past), but having retrieved them and having had a good look at them, we must not hang around in their dark energy for too long.

The longer we do, the more we get sucked back in.

The light is the destination and must be a part of the journey too.
Its a myth that we need to spend all our time in the dark to learn about ourselves.
Suffering is a catalyst ….exploring why, when, how we suffered is important yes.
However, staying there for too long, sucks the hope, love and joy right out of us.

It gets us used to the darkness once again.

It is counterproductive to the healing.
To the joy.

So look at it yes, just don’t buy into it all over again.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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