Let the world be
YOU dance

You dance
To the music of your soul
To the beats, that only you can match steps with
To the rhythm that only you
Can hold

You dance to that uniquesness
With surrender and with Love
With Absolute faith
In the Almighty Above.

Your dance is as wonderful
As delightful
As you are
Nothing needs to change
For you were made to shine,

For if you danced to music,
That wasn’t your very own
Your heart would get heavy
And your limbs would turn to stone

Dance like a feather
Fly, twirl and spin
Let your heart guide you
To the music within…..

You be you
And let the whole world be
Each one has their own music
As they soon, shall see…..

In the meanwhile
You need not wait

Let the world be……..

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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