Love Stays

Love does not go anywhere, when we see the truth with clarity. This is such a relief to realise.

It just evolves, as the old perception of what we thought was love, falls away. This keeps happening as we grow as souls.

In ALL of our relationships starting with the relationship we have with ourselves.

We are invited to love from a different (deeper and more authentic) place than we could before.

We see the same people but with everchanging lenses (which are our own changing perspectives) and finally when there is more and more clarity, with no lens.
And yet be able to LOVE them.

From that new place of clarity, that we are at.

It has nothing to do with who or what THEY are.
It is to do with coming into a realisation of who we ALL were all along.

Not buying into the disguises anymore, only ever serves to increase the Love.

Love does not go away.

Its definition changes

Love stays

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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