“In Giving of yourself, you find yourself”

The reason, power has stayed with a select few until recently, is because most souls have been steeped in fear.
Fear makes you compete, fear makes you hold back, fear makes you believe in division, in holding your cards closer to your chest.

Why ?

Well because, if you share what you know, ” someone else ” might get ahead ! ” Someone else ” might win. ” SOMEONE ELSE ” might get more of what you wished you had.

This fear has allowed the power to stay with only a few , creating a belief in lack, in the ‘not enoughness’, leading to competing, jealousies,comparisions, pettiness, victimisation, disempowerment …the list is endless.

We can change this and indeed some are changing this….when we all start sharing open heartedly and with enthusiasm of what we most should share. Who we are and the unique gifts we bring to this world.

There are those who will absorb and learn and benefit because they themselves are open with their sharing.

Those that come with the mindset of ” this is free…lets grab it because it is free, will not truly benefit from it yet, because they are still coming from a place of lack in their belief system, from a place of not enoughness”.

Then there are those that will not TRUST what you are offering either, because they are judging you from their own standards and understanding of abundance or the lack of it.

None of this matters.

Everything is in accordance to its divine timing.

Don’t let the mindsets and belief systems of the ones receiving your light, determine how much of your light you shine.

In the giving of yourself, you find yourself.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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