To be on this path of healing

  1. Be open
  2. Be BOLD and COURAGEOUS in introspecting.
  3. Tell yourself the truth.
    Have the courage to face your truth.
    Speak your truth.
    Be your truth.
    Stand by your truth. Sometimes it shall be tough….but it shall ALWAYS be worth it.
  4. BE HUMBLE (you will fall flat on your face MANY, MANY, MANY TIMES) ….if you remain humble, it shall be soooooooo much easier to pick yourself up with a laugh and sooooo much easier to move on and let go.
  5. Be unfailingly kind in every situation. Towards yourself and others.
  6. Forgive and let go….forgive, forgive, forgive…its like cleaning your closet……do it often…. ….let go of things, people and situations that no longer ” spark Joy ” in you. (Thank you Marie Kondo for that phrase). Life is just too precious and too exciting to drag around resentments and people who are not good for your soul.
  7. Maintain and nurture your ability to laugh at it all.
  8. Do something creative JUST FOR THE JOY OF IT.
  9. Find and keep your tribe close. They are invaluable in encouraging, uplifting, reminding and most importantly loving you when you need it the most.
  10. Stay aware and curious. Keep a beginners mindset. Looking for answers makes them come to you much quicker than if you felt you knew it all.
  11. Follow LOVE not fear. Focus on Love not fear. Embrace your fear and smother it with LOVE.
  12. Always, Always believe you can.
  14. Have faith in faith. Believe in magic, in miracles , in goodness, in joy, in prayers….this faith carries you through the tough bits.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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