Light workers ?

Most of us ” healers ” and ” way-show- ers”,
” lightworkers” have had to GO through our own pain, suffering, losing our way and dwelling in darkness.

And in the process of healing from our own pain, our own suffering and finding our way out, we start to do it for others.

We know it can be done. We know what is possible. We have touched darkness in different ways and are familiar or are getting familiar with finding our way back into the light even if we have stumbled , lost our way and fallen many, many times.

We are not ” love and light ” for nothing.

We don’t, believe in hope and have faith in faith, for nothing.

Infact we are NOT all love and light, we just carry a bit more of it than our darkness, BECAUSE we have been the opposite and found it sucks.
Sucks big time.

Its a never ending downward spiral that takes you deeper and deeper into a seemingly never ending darkness.
In most cases, we have realised the futility of going down further and some before us, have shone the light down for us and we have clawed our way out, bit by bit, getting closer and closer to the light.
Then we have realised, it can be done.
If we could do it, others can too.

So we in turn have taken the light and shone it down, so someone can spot it and make their way up…..just like we did.

Each one of us can do this at some time or the other in our journey.
Each one of us can overcome, and through our own journeys to the Light, help others to find their way……just like we did.
So lightworkers ?

More like ” light bearers”, ” light holders ” ” torches”, ” Lanterns ” even tiny ” night bulbs”

All of those who see even a glimmer of it and carry more of the light as compared to the darkness……and can show the others that, ” yes there is light”

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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