What are our children inheriting ?

Those that feel unworthy and inadequate themselves and are not aware of it, seek desperately to see imperfections and unworthiness in others too.
By doing so, they hope to achieve a sense of feeling better about themselves.
They become critical and judgemental in all their relationships, if not overtly, then covertly.
The worst aspect of this, is the impact they have on their children. Children are naturally more vulnerable and if authority figures in their lives see the whole world, including them as being not worthy or worthy only if certain conditions are met, then that child will also grow up also feeling inadequate and not worthy.
They will look at themselves and the world in a skewed way.
It takes a LOT of digging in deep to understand this.
Sometimes this damage is done over generations and generations.
Hurt people hurt other people.
And most of the times the hurt is so deep that they themselves are not aware of the hurt they carry deep inside them.

Healed people help others heal too. They seek to soothe, to inspire and to elevate consciousness. They see love outside as they themselves carry love inside. This is not a sudden transistion in most cases.

But to shift to having more love on the inside and less hurt., no matter how slow the process, is ALWAYS worth it.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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