Younger souls vs Older souls

All souls are divine beings in a human form.

Young and old. As for being powerful, it depends on what we mean by powerful.

All souls have the ability to powerfully create jannat (Heaven) or jahannum (Hell), for themselves and others, here on the earth plane…through their beliefs, thoughts , actions.

The difference between old and younger souls generally is this….

Younger souls are steeped in fear and operate from that fear.
Older souls gravitate towards Love, having come into this illusion many many times and starting to realise that operating from fear did not really alleviate suffering or create something that felt good.

Also the pull back to Source is magnetic in Older souls.

Their compassion and empathy for themselves and others has increased and they start to see the commonality vs the differences in the human collective. They start to know that if something affects them, it affects all beings and vice versa.

Younger souls ( depending on where they are in their journey do not have time for this understanding) as they are so steeped in this illusion, so it is ” every man for himself “
They do whatever it takes to ” get to the top”, ” compete” and they focus on their earthly desires. In fact that is what motivates them.
Older souls see through these earthly desires and I personally feel that they enjoy these more whilst not getting obsessed with having them or accumulating them. They know that human desires are not what lasts or is real. Its part of the illusion. So if they have, good …if they don’t, good too.

They know their real focus lies inwards.

That journey back to that unconditional source of Love.

The LOVE that pales all else in comparision.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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