We are given an energy body which is divided into 3 main parts….mental, emotional, physical (there are others, but in the human experience, these are the ones we are consciously aware of and affect, with the choices we make on a daily basis.)

There is a reason behind this.

Being human, we have to learn how to balance and be in optimum health in all of these parts.

Learning this balance is a very basic part of our souls “learning experience”, at every stage of its growth.

  It is ALSO a sign of the souls maturity, when it is able to understand the importance of achieving this sense of balance AND does so, seemingly effortlessly.
Not too much focus on any ONE of these areas but instead on all equally, without obsessing over them.

Most spiritual masters/ teachers have been in this state of balance.

When we focus on any ONE part and NOT the others, there is an imbalance that is created which, sooner or later, causes us distress.
Also, when we expose ourselves to stimuli that appeals to only one part of us, it leaves us feeling hollow and incomplete.
For example, if we focus only on physical pleasure (addictions of any sort), they leave us feeling hollow and only give a very temperary satisfaction.
If we focus too much on mental pursuits but do not nurture the physical and emotional, we end up feeling overwhelmed and confused.
Whereas, if we were to start moving our body, it causes our emotional body to feel better too (release of happy hormones) and then automatically our mental body functions better…..the confusion lessens.
If we only focus on the emotional body and do not take care of our physical or mental body, similarly there will be an imbalance, sooner or later, in the way we deal with and process life.
Anxiety / panic attacks, depression and a host of mental and emotional challenges that a lot of people are facing these days is due to this imbalance.

Once we understand WHY it is important to keep it all in a state of balance, and we take the ACTION steps required, then we give ourselves the opportunity to thrive, to learn, to grow.

Our energy body has these distinctive parts also because it serves as a backup/default way to help us still grow, learn and thrive in case one part needs help or assistance.

The Para Olympics is a prime example of people who are physically challenged but whose mental & emotional bodies do the heavy lifting and they achieve amazing feats.

If we are to always take care of these aspects of our health and keep them in a state of balance, then when life throws us curve balls as a learning experience, we are better able to handle them and move on with grace.

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A soul on a journey inward !

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