On Death

I often wonder how we would LIVE, if we didn’t fear death ?

If we could discuss it as easily as we discuss life.

If we embraced it and celebrated it as easily as we embrace and celebrate each anniversary of every birth?

How would we LIVE, if we became besties with death ?

If the mere thought of it did not leave us quaking with the fear of loss.
If everyone we knew, started to change the way they viewed it as well and supported us in celebrating this incredible journey.
Not only the beginning or the end……. but the entire journey ?

What if we all cheered for every soul that lived and with whom we had the privelege of this life experience ?

Cheered them on to another experience…with love and gladness in our hearts ?
Tears in our eyes, yes, because we would miss them in their physical form, but with so much love washing over us ?

How would we LIVE, I wonder, if we loved Death as well as we love LIFE ?

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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