Our feeling of safety is determined by how solid our foundation feels to us.

However we feel our foundation needs to be rock solid and never changing. Our foundation can be the people we love , the relationships we hold dear, the ideas we have about ourselves and others,the ideas and beliefs we have, the way we see the world and so on.

We are also encouraged in building solid foundations and are told time and again how important the strength of these foundations are.

“Get a solid educational foundation/ marriage / relationships / belief systems/ traditions / value system “etc etc, and these are ideas then, that we pass on to our children along with the underlying fear of things shifting, changing.

Leaving them totally unprepared for the only thing that is true of every life – change.

So often we go into deep grief and fear, when we see our foundation is not as rock solid as we wanted it to be.

If we are, ever evolving energy, and everything that surrounds us is also energy, then our foundations are also just that.

Ever evolving energy.

So if we made friends with the idea that everytime we evolve and create a new balance where ever we are, then that is our new foundation and that our foundation evolves as we do, then we will never feel uprooted or upset or fearful of things / people/ relationships/ our ideas and beliefs changing in our lives.

We will learn to flow with the change.

We might even learn to thrive as we change.

All we need to do is, see the true nature of it all.


And embrace wherever we are.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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