I am all that you see
And all that you don’t.

The mist on your face
The waves of the ocean
Spring in all of its glory
And also the bleak winter storm.

I am

The lover who loved you tenderly
And also the one that let you down
All the teachers that ever taught you
And all the lessons that came along

I am

Every friend in your life, but also every foe
There is nothing and no one I am not
I am everywhere you go

I am the neighbour that you say hello to
And also the stranger that you ignore
Every rose that you pick
But also every thorn

I am the politician you vote for
And also the one you won’t
I am the gifts that you appreciate
And also those that you don’t

I am everything you love about yourself
And also everything you disown

Look now and find me
Everywhere you roam
And know finally
That you were never ever….

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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