Trust in your ability to Surrender

Listen and tune into this message of love and of light- of the true nature of everything.

Everything IS LOVE AND LIGHT – often obscured by the shadows of the darkness you carry within you.

If you were to choose to let it go, it would be effortless to see the Light everywhere, even in places that you never expected to see it.

Holding on to the darkness is a choice you make ….daily…in every moment.

It is not foisted upon you.

No matter what it feels like, you CAN let your burdens down.

Eat, sleep, drink, breathe kindness and compassion- breathe in and out compassion. Slow down and steady your pace.

Be guided by spirit in your every moment to the truth.

The truth of you and the truth of all else.

If you could, but see this truth in everyone and everything- you would see light everywhere.

It would not be obscured by the darkness you are choosing to filter your sight with.

You CHOOSE your fears, you feelings of unforgiveness, your pet peeves, your irritations and your defensiveness, your judgements, your anger, your sorrow.

All these are the shadows cast by the ego part of you.

The spirit aspect of you, can choose to let these go in an instant if you do not insist on holding onto them.

Spirit won’t MAKE you do anything.

You cannot hurry, force, coerce your Spirit aspect. Your spirit aspect is vast like a mountain and yet gentle and wispy like a breeze.

Your human aspect is a tiny , delicate butterfly.

What must you do ?

Surrender and trust

Surrender to your divine spirit.
Surrender to its knowing
Surrender to its timing.
And most of all,
Trust in your ability to surrender.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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