Counter uncomfortable silences with silence ….often we try to fill up uncomfortable silences with talking incessantly or with words…any words …anything to avoid the discomfort of the silence.
Sometimes this becomes a powerful tool of manipulation.

Disempowered empaths or sensitives, need to make sure everyone around them is happy.

This is not their responsibilty but somehow they feel it is.

As a sensitive being, you pick up on non verbal communication. When you sense that someone is not in balance ( angry, sullen, judgemental etc ) you go into an overdrive of trying to bridge the silence in a premature effort to make things right, all the whilst frantically trying to search within, if its something you have done or said or if there is something you can say or do, to make things alright again.

As an empowered empath you can stand in your own peace by realising that whatever someone else is going through is their responsibility to process, not yours.

So you are ENTITLED to be happy NO matter what someone else is going through. You are only ever responsible for your own joy, your own sense of peace, your own processing of your own difficult emotions.

As a disempowered empath, you feel you can use the same tactics of sullenness and silence to affect the happiness of those around you, not realising that not everyone is going to be affected like you are and also not realising how immature this approach is.
To control others through your silences is basically bullying and manipulating.

Knowing this, enables one to counter uncomfortable silences with a silence that is calm and centred.

All of the lower vibrations feel as if they stem from Drama somehow.

They feel more and more ” false”.

They FEEL real to those going through them I think, but that is only because they have not yet encountered the realness of the true emotions running within us at all times.

My mom called me a pure soul early this morning and my instant reaction was a guffaw !

Then in that half asleep state, I heard this in my heart, ” All souls are pure. There are none that are not pure. “
My mind instantly went into judgement, thinking of some that are ” definitely not” 😅

And gently but firmly my ” voice ” insisted that they too are pure souls.

” All souls are pure …to deny this is to deny that Source is omnipresent. To deny the purity of any soul is to go into separation again.”

The more we grow in awareness, the more we tune into what is real inside of us.

That we are made up entirely of Love.

That is the only truth.

The rest is false and therefore the more we grow in awareness of the truth of us the more we view anger, irritation, victimisation, and all else that is not Love and peace, as drama.

Real growth however, only occurs, when we recognise the ‘ drama’, and we also recognise having gone through the ‘drama’ stage ourselves and be able to feel compassion and understanding for all.

Love for all.

To see all as pure souls. No exceptions.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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