You are meant to work as a cohesive being.

This whole life can be perceived as a game laid out, just for you.

The components of this game are the PERCEPTIONS of duality and time.

You come here and your purpose is to learn.

You learn through experiences.

Those experiences seem to happen in a linear fashion.

Some are perceived as good experiences and some are perceived as bad experiences.

You, as a soul, in a human experience, are operating at different levels of self awareness as a human and as a soul.

Your human and soul aspects are both who you are, but your consciousness shifts from one aspect to the other, as per YOUR FREE WILL.

So now what do you have in this delightful mix of a human experience ?

A perception of time (past, present and future)

A perception of duality (internally – spirit and human and externally – the world is perceived as separated from you and everything in the world is also perceived as being separate and individual)

Your mind awareness.

Your soul awareness.

Free will.

What is the aim of this game ?

” As above, so below”

The aim is to have experiences in duality, make choices that reflect your different levels of awareness and consciousness, and then be able to LEARN from those experiences.

Why does your mind have the ability to jump from the past to the present, to the future or anywhere you want it to go to?

The master is one that understands the real purpose of the mind.

He knows that his mind has the power to take him anywhere….and that he can learn from his seemingly linear experiences but can also remain detached from the suffering by using his mind to stay grounded in the present moment.

When we feel overwhelmed …it is usually because we are allowing our mind a free reign to do what it does best….travel to the past or the future and not remaining detached.

When we learn to use ALL the components that are present, together and cohesively, we can learn from ” past ” experiences and use the wisdom for ” future” experiences, ALL the time STAYING firmly rooted in our present moment.

That is why practising being in the present moment, keeps it simple and cuts the anxiety or feeling of being overwhelmed.

From my dads garden

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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