Just as there are different levels of bondages, there are different levels of freedom available to us.

The bondages that stem from the ego mind are desires for more obvious things…, fame, money, power, prestige and subtler ones for example, the desire to be accepted, honoured, understood, cherished.

As we walk into the truth of who we are, more and more, the easier it gets to liberate ourselves from the bondages.
We realise we need none of these bondages to be happy.
That to be free of these bondages gives us freedom and joy.
Truth sets us free.
Love for the Divine pales all else in comparision and when our eyes are set firmly towards the one true relationship – our relationship with God…..all else comes into clear perspective.

Satnam Satnam – sada Satnam
Japman Satnam sada satnam

” Chant oh my mind, the True Name “

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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