Moving towards yourself

A natural reaction of your human aspect is to go into guilt and retreat in fear when you try to break away from ego / group consciousness.

Especially if those around you do not understand.

When they feel as if you are leaving them behind. When they protest or act up in order to make you feel bad and make you stay.

Treat all of this upheaval,  kindly and with compassion.

As you step more and more into your much bigger spirit aspect, all of these feelings of doubt, nervousness and guilt shall gradually drop away.

With alignment to your higher self, there is more trust, more peace, more clarity, more compassion.

It is SO worth losing everyone just to find your true self.

When you do that, the ones that are aligned to your highest nature find their way to you.

They vibrate at the same frequencies and become your new people.

It is worth the pain, the disillusionment, the heartbreak.

Finding your true self is worth all of it.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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