The Ultimate Truth

To be on the spiritual quest, merely means that you go towards seeing the Light….the truth more and more clearly.

The truth is, that you are wired to seek a feeling of well being and joy.
Your mind makes you believe that this joy and feeling of well being is based on external factors. You then seek to control, manipulate or influence these external factors.

But the truth is your mind will never ever reach a place of satisfaction or completion.

The truth is, that by listening to your mind and buying into its projections, you are on a journey that takes you nowhere.
Like a hamster on a wheel.

Sometimes happy and sometimes miserable but getting nowhere close to real permanent “well beingness”, because your well being is dependent on everything outside of you !

The truth is that you are not your mind but the consciousness observing the mind.

The truth is that EVERYTHING outside of you will ALWAYS be a variable that you have NO true control over.

The truth is that you have a choice.

The choice to center yourself in your consciousness and remain unperturbed by all that is external.

That is the truth.

That is finally seeing what has been true all along.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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