Dissolving into Life

Dissolve into life until there is no more a
” you” that is separate from it.
Until YOU become life itself….
Like sugar stirred into hot tea.
All you can taste is the sweetness…you cannot separate the sugar from the water or tea leaves.

All is One.

We stand out, looking in, trying to understand ourselves so that we can control our lives and can go in a ‘desired’ direction.

We can never truly understand life by being outside of it, being separate from it.

Dissolving, surrendering is the final step…that final death of the ego.

It usually happens when we leave our physical bodies and go back to spirit. However, it is possible for us even whilst we are still in our physical forms.

We can start by choosing to let go of that which we have carefully nurtured and fiercely protected – our individual identities.

We can choose this,little by little, in baby steps, by not being so strong in our likes and dislikes, and thereafter by training ourselves to become mere observers of the one that ” likes ” and “dislikes”.

After that, we can choose to disengage gently but firmly with the illusion of the ” desirable” and “undesirable”.

We surrender, we merge, we fuse with all that is.
With grace, with love, with joy.

Selflessness in its purest form.

Being nothing ….but becoming everything.

– Simi

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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  1. So true , beautifully said! Life would be so much happier and peaceful if we learn to let go. We may begin by making a conscious effort to observe , but gradually it will become ingrained in our personality, leading to calmness and greater connection with the ONE .


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