Insights into the working of the MIND

I notice that when I look at things usually, I don’t really LOOK at them.

I almost assume they are there.

It is because, in my past experience, I have known them to be there.

My mind uses these things as hooks and triggers to generate stories which have very little to do with what I actually SEE in the moment. These stories have very little coherence and my mind jumps from one thing to another creating chaos and distractions.

My mind, when focussed on observing something (because it has been tasked to do so) has the ability to zone out everything else and therefore can be trained to focus and not be chaotic.

My mind creates the stories around people, places, things that I observe.
Most stories are created because of the past beliefs I have around these which in turn have either come from what I have experienced or have learnt from others experiences.
These beliefs act as hooks to past experiences or past” knowings”, which  then act as triggers and taint new and fresh experiences with old ideas and experiences, not allowing me to experience them as if Im doing so for the first time, which makes me (over time) lose my sense of wonder, enthusiasm and joy.

What if I started to look at people, places and things as if I was looking at them for the very first time.
Would that not enhance all of my senses ? Would that not make everything novel and exciting ?

My mind is what eventually makes me jaded, cynical or bitter.
My heart in turn is affected by my minds chatter. My mind taints the beauty of my soul if I allow it to and eventually shuts me down.
However if my heart remains in charge and becomes stronger in its influence over me than my mind, its beautiful acceptance, faith, joy, stillness and love eventually soothes the mind and I remain ALIVE AND ALIGHT.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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