The turbulent waters parted ways and let him walk through. He did so calmly , and with complete faith. He did so without a tremor , without the shadow of a single doubt. With an utmost command over himself. Ah, to be SO sure of ones vibrations , one’s ability, no matter what one faces, […]


The importance of the physical mind / ego consciousness The creative process for a soul is simple. There is a plan. The goal is to get to a stage of understanding and expansion through experiencing duality and then ultimately coming back to oneness with the creator / divine source ( whatever you choose to call […]


Why do birthdays , festive holidays make us feel so despondent or lower our vibrations sometimes ? Aren’t they supposed to be happy times and aren’t we supposed to feel the joy ? This is something I was thinking about today. There have been times in my life where Ive excitedly prepared for Christmas , […]


Aaj kal mein, kucch badal sa gaya hai Sara jahaan, jaise baarish main, dhul sa gaya hai… Har cheez mujhe, ab aur saaf nazar aaye Lekin toote hue patte ki tarah, ab mujhe , idhar udhar na kheench paye. Yeh zindagi mujhe ab rehmat si lage Sabhi aur dushman kam ,aur dost zyaada lage Dekha […]


The clarity which comes from within us, as a result of inner work, is far more satisfying and effective than a readymade solution from the outside of us, no matter which exalted guru / teaching etc it comes from. They can only bring your focus to things that THEY, in THEIR experience, have found helpful. […]